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Aquaman 2019 New Movie Download HD 720P


Aquaman 2019 New Movie Download HD 720P On a very stormy night, lighthouse keeper Thomas Curry (Temeura Morrison) discovers an unconscious woman (Nicole Kidman) washed up on the shore with a wound in her abdomen. He brings her to his home and shelters her. Although she appears frightened and confused when she wakes up, Thomas shows her kindness and tends to her wound. She tells him her name is Atlanna, queen of Atlantis, and the two begin a romance from then on.

Aquaman 2019 New Movie Download HD 720P Thomas and Atlanna spend the next few years together, and they become parents to a son, Arthur. Everything seems lovely until one day when a team of Atlantean commandos burst into their home and start to attack with the intention of taking Atlanna back to her betrothed, King Orvax. Atlanna fights back and beats the commandos down, leaving her time to get away with Thomas and Arthur. Atlanna tells Thomas she must return to Atlantis for his and Arthur’s safety, but she vows to return to both of them someday. She kisses Thomas goodbye and jumps back into the ocean, leaving Arthur her trident for when he is ready to use it.

Aquaman 2019 New Movie Download HD 720P

Quality: 720p

File size : 1.2 GB

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  1. sri hari January 19, 2019

    please upload hd 720p blue ray aquman movie

  2. sriharirv January 19, 2019

    please upload hd print 720p of aquaman pleaseeee

  3. Nirjhor January 19, 2019

    HD Please and Please Upload KGF in hindi

  4. puzon January 21, 2019

    plz uplode full hd quality

  5. ... January 25, 2019

    Is this film hindi dubbed?

  6. Aziz khan January 26, 2019

    Full HD and dubbing hindi

  7. Maaher January 27, 2019

    Please upload Departures web series . Can't find it anywhere.

  8. Syed Hussain January 31, 2019

    403 forbidden !!!

  9. Saif February 28, 2019

    Please apload Aquaman in Hindi

  10. Tron March 7, 2019

    Please upload how to train your Dragon 3 in 720p and alita battle angle in 720p