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Gosnell 2018 New Movie Download HD 720p


Gosnell 2018 New Movie Download HD 720p This police/courtroom drama is based on the true story of the trial of Dr. Kermit Gosnell, an MD who for decades ran a West Philadelphia inner-city abortion clinic. The action begins in February 2010 when Philadelphia police detectives, joined by federal DEA agents (Drug Enforcement Agency) and FBI agents, make a drug raid on the Gosnell clinic looking for evidence of the sale of illegal prescriptions for controlled drugs. During the raid, the police detectives are shocked by the clinic’s extremely unsanitary conditions, bags of aborted fetuses left in hallways, and fetal body parts stored in containers in a refrigerator and freezer.

Gosnell 2018 New Movie Download HD 720p The detectives later learn that the State Department of Health had not inspected the clinic for years, ostensibly at the direction of the Governor so as not to interfere with women’s reproductive rights. (Para) The DEA and FBI agents are concerned only about evidence of the illegal prescription sales, but the detectives refer to the situation at the clinic to the District Attorney’s office. An Assistant DA agrees to prosecute. Returning to the clinic crime scene, they learn that boxes of files have been removed. Obtaining a warrant to search Dr. Gosnell’s home, they begin looking for the files and additional evidence. They find a large box with rolls of cash, which was likely the cash payments made by the clinic’s patients

Gosnell 2018 New Movie Download HD 720p

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