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Jalebi 2018 Hindi Movie Free Download HD 720p Aisha is a maturing author and visits Delhi with her companion to inquire about for her up and coming book. She meets a nearby guide Dev. She succumbs to Dev. She again books a gathering with Dev with all seats held and astonishes him. At long last Aisha proposes to him and they wed. Following a couple of months, Aisha understands that she is pregnant and she educates it to Dev who is to a high degree cheerful hearing the news, yet Aisha declines to convey the infant as she believes she isn’t prepared for it. Some way or another Dev persuades her for it. They both are believed to be upbeat and feel that they may have an infant young lady and choose to name her Disha, which is a blend of Dev and Aisha.

Jalebi 2018 Hindi Movie Free Download HD 720p Tragically, they have an unnatural birth cycle and Dev’s mom points the finger at Aisha for it. Baffled, Aisha feels embarrassed and offended and leaves Dev saying that she doesn’t love him any longer and that she would attempt to live without him. A couple of days after the fact dev and his family attempt to bring her back however she doesn’t. She calls dev to meet her at a place on the off chance that he truly adores her, however evidently Dev does not come. after 7 years Aisha breaks her wedding as she is as yet fixated on Dev. She chooses to proceed onward and confront her issues. On her approach to Delhi, she has a woman Anu and her little girl Pulti as co-travelers. While discussing with the woman she finds that the woman is Dev’s second spouse. She additionally meets dev on the train as he is in a similar compartment.

Jalebi 2018 Hindi Movie Free Download HD 720p

Quality: 720p

File size : 855 MB

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