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Paltan 2018 Movie Free Download HD Cam


Paltan 2018 Hindi Movie Free Download HD 720p

Paltan 2018 Hindi Movie Free Download HD 720p, The morning of 11 September 1967, the engineers and soldiers of Indian Army Mountain division in Chumbi valley starts laying the stretch of fencing from Nathu La to Sebu La along the perceived border. A Chinese Political Commissar, with a section of Infantry, comes to the centre of the pass where an Indian Lieutenant Colonel is standing with his commando platoon. The Chinese Commissar asks the Indian Colonel to stop laying the wire. Indian soldiers refuse to halt, saying they were given orders. An argument starts which soon turns into a scuffle alongside the perceived border.

Paltan 2018 Hindi Movie Free Download HD 720p, After a while, the Chinese side starts attacking from their bunkers in No man’s land with machine gun firing from north shoulder. Due to the lack of cover in the pass, the Indian troops initially suffer heavy casualties. Shortly thereafter, the Chinese opens artillery against the Indians. A little latter, Maj. General Sagat Singh, (Jackie Shroff) orders Lt. Col. Rai Singh Yadav, (Arjun Rampal), CO 2 Grenadiers troop to open artillery from their side. The clashes lasts through the day and night, for the next three days, with use of artillery, mortars and machine guns, during which the Indian troops beat back the Chinese forces. Five days after the clashes had started, an “uneasy” ceasefire was arranged due to chinese psychological warfare.

Paltan 2018 Hindi Movie Free Download HD 720p

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    How to download this