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Teefa in Trouble 2018 Pakistani Movie Download HD Cam


Teefa in Trouble 2018 Pakistani Movie Download HD 720p, The story spins around Teefa, a clever white collar class Lahori kid who is raised by his mom Baybae (Simi Raheal) in the wake of being stranded from his dad at a youthful age. Teefa is acquainted with the universe of wrongdoing by shady business merchant and nearby hoodlum Butt Sahab (Mehmood Aslam), and because of his devastated childhood, cash and power are the only things that are important to him.

Teefa in Trouble 2018 Pakistani Movie Download HD 720p, Anya (Maya Ali) is the striking and obstinate little girl of Bashira otherwise known as Bonzo (Jawed Sheik), a cherished companion of Butt Sahab, who is presently a fruitful business magnate and multi-tycoon situated in Warsaw, Poland. Butt Sahab wants to marry his ridiculous and spoilt child Billu Butt (Ahmad Bilal) to the beguiling Anya, yet Bonzo denies and rather has plans to offer his girl to the child of another Pakistani head honcho Mr. Bajwa, keeping in mind the end goal to manufacture his associations. In the interim, Anya has a mystery pulverize over her Polish companion Andy (Tom Coulston) and attempts to fight off her dad and scheming advance mother Sophie’s (Sofia Khan) rehashed marriage annoying, yet without much of any result. She at long last yields to her dad’s requests.

Teefa in Trouble 2018 Pakistani Movie Download HD 720p, Butt Sahab, who is offended at Bonzo for denying his child’s hand and isn’t willing to take no for an answer, enrolls Teefa to take the main trip to Warsaw, abduct Anya and take her back to Pakistan, so he can orchestrate his child’s wedding with her. Teefa is at first hesitant to carry out the activity, yet yields when he is offered Rs. 500,000 for his administrations. He arrives in Poland, and is helped in the mission by his amusing companion Tony (Faisal Qureshi). Both don’t have any canny plans for the grabbing, having not made such a showing with regards to previously.

Teefa in Trouble 2018 Pakistani Movie Download HD 720p

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